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Volume 31, July 2008

Reviews, Critiques and New Technologies

Aveskamp, M.M., De Gruyter, J. and Crous, P.W. - Biology and recent developments in the systematics of Phoma, a complex genus of major quarantine significance. (View PDF)

Raghukumar, C. - Marine fungal biotechnology: an ecological perspective. (View PDF)

Exciting New Discoveries

Mitchell, A.M., Strobel, G.A., Hess, W.M., Vargas, P.N. and Ezra, D. - Muscodor crispans, a novel endophyte from Ananas ananassoides in the Bolivian Amazon. (View PDF)


Kosheleva, A.P., Novozhilov Yu.K. and Schnittler, M. - The Myxomycetes of the “Stolby” Reserve (Eastern Siberia, Russia): a preliminary report. (View PDF)

Lazzizera, C., Frisullo, S., Alves A., Lopes, J., and Phillips, A.J.L. - Phylogeny and morphology of Diplodia species on olives in southern Italy and description of Diplodia olivarum sp. nov.(View PDF)

Lombard, L., Bogale, M., Montenegro, F., Wingfield, B.D. and Wingfield, M.J. - A new bark canker disease of the tropical hardwood tree Cedrelinga cateniformis in Ecuador. (View PDF)

Luo, J. and Zhuang, W.Y. - Two new species of Cosmospora (Nectriaceae, Hypocreales) from China. (View PDF)

Pažoutová, S., Kolarík, M., Olšovská, J., Odvody, G.N., and Frederickson, D.E. - A new species complex including Claviceps fusiformis and Claviceps hirtella. (View PDF)

Peláez, F., González, V., Platas, G., Sánchez-Ballesteros, J. and Rubio, V. - Molecular phylogenetic studies within the family Xylariaceae based on ribosomal DNA sequences. (View PDF)

Simonis, J.L., Raja, H.A. and Shearer, C.A. - Extracellular enzymes and soft rot decay: Are ascomycetes important degraders in fresh water? (View PDF)

Wang, L., Zhang, W.M., Hu, B., Chen, Y.Q. and Qu, L.H. - Genetic variation of Cordyceps militaris and its allies based on phylogenetic analysis of rDNA ITS sequence data. (View PDF)

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Volume 32, September 2008

Reviews, Critiques and New Technologies

Zhou, X.D., Xie, Y.J., Chen, S.F. and Wingfield, M.J. - Diseases of eucalypt plantations in China: challenges and opportunities. (View PDF)


Bandala, V.M., Montoya, L. and Mata, M. - New species and records of Crepidotus from Costa Rica and Mexico. (View PDF)

Cortez, V.G. and Silveira, R.M.B. - The agaric genus Stropharia (Strophariaceae, Agaricales) in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. (View PDF)

Ge, Z.W., Yang, Z.L., Zhang, P., Matheny, P.B. and Hibbett, D.S. - Flammulina species from China inferred by morphological and molecular data. (View PDF)

Lodge, D.J and Ovrebo, C.L. - First Records of Hygrophoraceae from Panama including a new species of Camarophyllus and a new veiled species in Hygrocybe section Firmae. (View PDF)

Petersen, R.H., Desjardin, D.E. and Krüger, D. - Three type specimens designated in Oudemansiella. (View PDF)

Sanmee, R., Tulloss, R.E., Lumyong, P., Dell, B. and Lumyong, S. - Studies on Amanita (Basidiomycetes: Amanitaceae) in Northern Thailand. (View PDF)

Stubbe, D., Nuytinck, J. and Verbeken, A. - Lactarius subgenus Plinthogalus of Malaysia. (View PDF)

Zheng, H.D. and Liu, P.G. - Additions to our knowledge of the genus Albatrellus (Basidiomycota) in China. (View PDF)

Book reviews
(View PDF)

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Volume 33, November 2008

Reviews, Critiques and New Technologies

Rinaldi, A.C., Comandini, O. and Kuyper, T.W. - Ectomycorrhizal fungal diversity: separating the wheat from the chaff. (View PDF)

Zhang, Y., Fournier, J., Pointing S.B and Hyde, K.D. - Are Melanomma pulvis-pyrius and Trematosphaeria
pertusa congeneric? (View PDF)


Huang, W.Y., Cai, Y.Z., Hyde, K.D., Corke, H. and Sun, M. - Biodiversity of endophytic fungi associated with 29 traditional Chinese medicinal plants. (View PDF)

Oses, R., Valenzuela, S., Freer, J., Sanfuentes, E. and Rodríguez, J. - Fungal endophytes in xylem of healthy Chilean trees and their possible role in early wood decay. (View PDF)

Sánchez Márquez, S., Bills, G.F. and Zabalgogeazcoa, I. - Diversity and structure of the fungal endophytic assemblages from two sympatric coastal grasses. (View PDF)

Tao, G., Liu, Z.Y., Hyde, K.D. Lui, X.Z. and Yu, Z.N. - Whole rDNA analysis reveals novel and endophytic fungi in Bletilla ochracea (Orchidaceae). (View PDF)

Zhu, G.S., Yu, Z.N., Gui, Y. and Liu, Z.Y. - A novel technique for isolating orchid mycorrhizal fungi. (View PDF)

Rungjindamai, N., Pinruan, U., Choeyklin, R., Hattori, T. and Jones, E.B.G. - Molecular characterization of basidiomycetous endophytes isolated from leaves, rachis and petioles of the oil palm, Elaeis guineensis, in Thailand. (View PDF)


Hyde, K.D. and Soytong, K. - The fungal endophyte dilemma. (View PDF)

Book Reviews (view PDF)

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Volume 34, January 2009

Reviews, Critiques and New Ideas

Kvas, M., Marasas, W.F.O., Wingfield, B.D., Wingfield, M.J. and Steenkamp, E.T. - Diversity and evolution of Fusarium species in the Gibberella fujikuroi complex. (View PDF)


Wulandari, N.F., To-anun, C., Hyde, K.D., Duong, L.M., de Gruyter, J., Meffert, J.P., Groenewald, J.Z. and Crous, P.W. - Phyllosticta citriasiana sp. nov., the cause of Citrus tan spot of Citrus maxima in Asia. (View PDF)

Heath R.N., Wingfield M.J., Wingfield B.D., Meke G., Mbaga A. and Roux, J. - Ceratocystis species on Acacia mearnsii and Eucalyptus spp. in eastern and southern Africa including six new species. (View PDF)

Liang, Z.Q., Han, Y.F., Chu, H.L. and Fox, R.T.V. - Studies on the genus Paecilomyces in China V. Taifanglania gen. nov. for some monophialidic species (View PDF)

Raja, H.A., Ferrer, A. and Shearer, C.A. - Freshwater ascomycetes: a new genus, Ocala scalariformis gen. et sp. nov, and two new species, Ayria nubispora sp. nov. and Rivulicola cygnea sp. nov.(View PDF)

Shirouzu, T., Hirose, D., Fukasawa, Y. and Tokumasu, S. (2009) - Fungal succession associated with the decay of leaves of an evergreen oak, Quercus myrsinaefolia. (View PDF)

Santos, J.M. and Phillips, A.J.L. - Resolving the complex of Diaporthe (Phomopsis) species occurring on Foeniculum vulgare in Portugal. (View PDF)

Tang, A.M.C., Jeewon, R., and Hyde, K.D. - A re-evaluation of the evolutionary relationships within the Xylariaceae based on ribosomal and protein-coding gene sequences (View PDF)

Thongkantha, S., Jeewon, R., Vijaykrishna, D., Lumyong, S., McKenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D. - Molecular phylogeny of Magnaporthaceae (Sordariomycetes) with a new species, Ophioceras chiangdaoensis from Dracaena loureiri in Thailand. (View PDF)

Van Wyk, M., Wingfield, B.D., Mohali, S. and Wingfield, M.J. - Ceratocystis fimbriatomima, a new species in the C. fimbriata sensu lato complex isolated from Eucalyptus trees in Venezuela.. (View PDF)

Wingfield B.D., Maphosa L, Coetzee M.P.A., Mwenje E. and Wingfield M.J. - Characterization of Zimbabwean Armillaria using IGS-1 sequences and AFLPs. (View PDF)

Book reviews (View PDF)

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Volume 35, March 2009

Jones, E.B.G., Sakayaroj, J., Suetrong, S., Somrithipol, S. and Pang, K.L. - Classification of marine Ascomycota, anamorphic taxa and Basidiomycota (View PDF)

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Volume 36, May 2009


Coelho, G., Silveira, R.M.B., Guerrero, R.T. and Rajchenberg, M. - On poroid Hymenochaetales growing on bamboos in southern Brazil and NE Argentina. (View PDF)

Coetzee, M.P.A., Maphosa, L., Wingfield, B.D., Mwenje, E. and Wingfield, M.J. - Characterisation of Armillaria species based on pectic isozyme analyses. (View PDF)

Estrada-Torres, A., Wrigley de Basanta, D., Conde, E. and Lado, C. - Myxomycetes associated with dryland ecosystems of the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley Biosphere Reserve, Mexico. (View PDF)

Eyssartier, E., Stubbe, D., Walleyn, R. and Verbeken, A. - New records of Cantharellus species (Basidiomycota, Cantharellaceae) from Malaysian dipterocarp rainforest. (View PDF)

Huang, W.Y., Cai, Y.Z., Surveswaran, S., Hyde, K.D., Corke, H. and Sun, M. - Molecular phylogenetic identification of endophytic fungi isolated from three Artemisia species. (View PDF)

Ortega, A., Suárez-Santiago, V.N. and Vila, J. - Two new species of Cortinarius collected under Quercus rotundifolia in the Mediterranean area of southern Spain. (View PDF)

Osono, T., Ishii, Y., Takeda, H., Seramethakun, T., Khamyong, S., To-Anun, C., Hirose, D., Tokumasu, S. and Kakishima, M. - Fungal succession and lignin decomposition on Shorea obtusa leaves in a tropical seasonal forest in northern Thailand. (View PDF)

Choeyklin, R., Hattori, T., Jaritkhuan, S. and Jones, E.B.G. - Bambusicolous polypores collected in Central Thailand. (View PDF)

Réblová, M. - Teleomorph of Rhodoveronaea (Sordariomycetidae) discovered and re-evolution of Pleurophragmium. (View PDF)

Zhang, Y., Yu, Z.F., Baral, H.O., Mo, M.H. and Zhang, K.Q. - New species and new Chinese records of the genus Orbilia (Orbiliaceae, Ascomycota) from Yunnan, China. (View PDF)

Wannathes, N., Desjardin, D.E. and Lumyong, S. - Four new species of Marasmius section Globulares from Northern Thailand. (View PDF)

Book Reviews(View PDF)

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Volume 37, July 2009

Desjardin, D.E., Binder, M., Roekring, S. and Flegel, T. - Spongiforma, a new genus of gastroid boletes from Thailand. (View PDF)

Tan, Y.S., Desjardin, D.E., Perry, B.A., Vikineswary, S. and Noorlidah, A. - Marasmius sensu stricto in Peninsular Malaysia. (View PDF)

Kerekes, J. and Desjardin, D.E. - A monograph of the genera Crinipellis and Moniliophthora from Southeast Asia including a molecular phylogeny of the nrITS region. (View PDF)

Bates, S.T., Roberson, R.W. and Desjardin, D.E. - Arizona gasteroid fungi I: Lycoperdaceae (Agaricales, Basidiomycota). (View PDF)

Wannathes, N., Desjardin, D.E., Hyde K.D., Perry, B.A. and Lumyong, S. - A monograph of Marasmius (Basidiomycota) from Northern Thailand based on morphological and molecular (ITS sequences). (View PDF)

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Volume 38, September 2009

Reviews, Critiques and New Ideas

Crous, P.W. - Taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus Mycosphaerella and its anamorphs. (View PDF)

Kaewchai, S., Soytong, K. and Hyde, K.D. - Mycofungicides and fungal biofertilizers. (View PDF)


Baloch, E., Gilenstam, G. and Wedin, M. - Phylogeny and classification of Cryptodiscus, with a taxonomic synopsis of the Swedish species. (View PDF)

Giordano, L., Gonthier, P. , Varese, G.C., Miserere, L. and Nicolotti, G. - Mycobiota inhabiting sapwood of healthy and declining Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) trees in the Alps. (View PDF)

Li, Y.C., Yang, Z.L. and Tolgor, B. - Phylogenetic and biogeographic relationships of Chroogomphus species as inferred from molecular and morphological data. (View PDF)

Liang, J.F., Xu, J. and Yang, Z.L. - Divergence, dispersal and recombination in Lepiota cristata from China. (View PDF)

Mata, J.L. and Ovrebo, C.L. - New reports and illustrations of Gymnopus for Costa Rica and Panama.
(View PDF)

Min Lu, Zhou, X.D., De Beer, Z.W., Wingfield, M.J. and Sun, J.-H. - Ophiostomatoid fungi associated with the invasive pine-infesting bark beetle, Dendroctonus valens, in China. (View PDF)

Papong, K., Mangold, A., Corush, J. Lücking, R. and Lumbsch, H.T. - Phylogenetic position of the foliicolous genus Chroodiscus (Ostropales, Ascomycota) inferred from nuclear and mitochondrial ribosomal DNA sequences. (View PDF)

Phillips, A.J.L. and Alves, A. - Taxonomy, phylogeny, and epitypification of Melanops tulasnei, the type species of Melanops. (View PDF)

Tejesvi, M.V., Tamhankar S.A., Kini, K.R., Rao, V.S., and Prakash, H.S. - Phylogenetic analysis of endophytic Pestalotiopsis species from ethnopharmaceutically important medicinal trees. (View PDF)

Sérusiaux, E., Goffinet, B., Miadlikowska, J. and Vitikainen, O. - Taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography of the the lichen genus Peltigera in Papua New Guinea. (View PDF)

Zhang, Y., Wang, H.K., Fournier, J., Crous, P.W., Jeewon, R., Pointing, S.B. and Hyde, K.D. - Towards a phylogenetic clarification of Lophiostoma / Massarina and morphologically similar genera in the Pleosporales. (View PDF)

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Volume 39, December 2009

Hyde, K.D., Cai, L., McKenzie, E.H.C., Yang, Y.L., Zhang, J.Z. and Prihastuti, H. - Colletotrichum: a catalogue of confusion. (View PDF)

Crouch, J.A. and Beirn, L.A. - Anthracnose of cereals and grasses. (View PDF)

Damm, U., Woudenberg, J.H.C., Cannon, P.F. and Crous, P.W. - Colletotrichum species with curved conidia from herbaceous hosts. (View PDF)

Prihastuti, H., Cai, L., Chen, H., McKenzie, E.H.C. and Hyde, K.D. - Characterization of Colletotrichum species associated with coffee berries in northern Thailand.89-109(View PDF)

Shivas, R.G. and Tan, Y.P. - A taxonomic re-assessment of Colletotrichum acutatum, introducing C. fioriniae comb. et stat. nov. and C. simmondsii sp. nov. (View PDF)

Yang, Y.L., Liu, Z.Y., Cai, L., Hyde, K.D., Yu, Z.N. and McKenzie, E.H.C. - Colletotrichum anthracnose of Amaryllidaceae (View PDF)

Hyde, K.D., Cai, L., Cannon, P.F., Crouch, J.A., Crous, P.W., Damm, U., Goodwin, P.H., Chen, H., Johnston, P.R., Jones, E.B.G.,, Liu, Z.Y., McKenzie, E.H.C., Moriwaki, J., Noireung, P., Pennycook, S.R., Pfenning, L.H., Prihastuti, H., Sato, T., Shivas, R.G., Taylor, P.W.J., Tan, Y.P., Weir, B.S., Yang, Y.L. and Zhang, J.Z. - Colletotrichum – names in current use (View PDF)

Cai, L., Hyde, K.D., Taylor, P.W.J., Weir, B., Waller, J., Abang, M.M., Zhang, J.Z., Yang, Y.L., Phoulivong, S., Liu, Z.Y., Prihastuti, H., Shivas, R.G., McKenzie, E.H.C. and Johnston, P.R. - A polyphasic approach for studying Colletotrichum (View PDF)

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