Agaricales of New Zealand 1: The Fungi of New Zealand vol 5

Agaricales of New Zealand 1:
Pluteaceae - Entolomataceae--
The Fungi of New Zealand volume 5
E. Horak

This book provides descriptions and illustrations of the all species of the pink-spored agarics of the families Pluteaceae and Entolomataceae that have been recorded in New Zealand (both indigenous and exotic), as well as keys for their identification and details of herbarium specimens. Doubtful and excluded records are also annotated.
Two genera of Pluteaceae are covered: Pluteus (15 species, including 10 new species previously unnamed and undescribed); and Volvariella (3 species).
Six genera of Entolomataceae are covered: Claudopus (1 species); Clitopilus (2 unnamed species); Entoloma (76 species, including 28 new species); Pouzarella (1 species); Rhodocybe (9 species, including 1 new species); and Richoniella (1 species, including a new form).

ISBN 978-988-99320-1-5
Size 10.5 × 7.5 inches
Hardbound 305pp
Price US$ 80
Published March 2008