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Fungal Diversity Special issues
Fungal Sucession Helicosporous hyphomycetes Boletes
ISSN 1560-2745
SIZE 10.5x7.5
Published in June 2002
ISSN 1560-2745
SIZE 10.5x7.5
Published in June 2007
ISSN 1560-2745
SIZE 10.5x7.5
Published in October 2007

Fungal Succession

Edited by: Kevin D. Hyde and E.B.G. Jones.

The term fungal succession is used loosely throughout the volume. A precise definition of fungal succession is "the sequential occupation of the same site by thalli (usually mycelia)", but the term can be used more loosely to refer to "the sequential occurrence of fungal fruiting bodies on substrata as it decays". This volume brings together the data available on fungal succession. The final paper in this volume discuses the problems associated with studying fungal succession, especially in microfungi, and discusses possible methods to overcome these problems.

Helicosporous hyphomycetes from China
Guozhu Zhao, Xingzhong Liu and Wenping Wu

Morphological studies of anamorphic taxa with helicosporous fungi were carried out based on observation of specimens collected in China and comparisons with descriptions in the literature. Seventy one species in 14 genera are presently known in mainland China, including 9 new species and 2 new combinations. All species are described, illustrated and discussed. Diagnostic characteristics and keys for most helicosporous genera are provided .

Boletes from Belize and the Dominican Republic
Beatriz Ortiz-Santana, D. Jean Lodge, Timothy J. Baroni and Ernst E. Both

Results of the surveys of stipitate-pileate Boletales in Belize and the Dominican Republic are presented in this issue. A key to the Boletales from Belize and the Dominican Republic is provided, followed by descriptions, drawings of the micro-structures and photographs of each identified species. Approximately 456 collections from Belize and 222 from the Dominican Republic were studied comprising 58 species of boletes, greatly augmenting the knowledge of the diversity of this group in the Caribbean Basin.

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