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Asian Freshwater Fungal
Research Group
October 2007


The AFFRG was formed on 1 September 2007 after the first meeting of a group of Asian Freshwater Mycologists in Haerbin. This is the first newsletter introducing the group, its webpage and its activities. I hope that in the future you will all make contributions to this newsletter.

This letter is to inform you of the progress of the project through links to the web page at http://www.fungaldiversity.org/freshwaterfungi/index.html and other web pages.

Founding members

See https://www.fungaldiversity.org/freshwaterfungi/index.html

Report on first international workshop of AFFRG

Written by Wang Jing

See https://www.fungaldiversity.org/freshwaterfungi/workshopsmeetings.html


See https://www.fungaldiversity.org/freshwaterfungi/aims.html

Student Profiles

We are starting to put the student profiles up. Please take a look at them and if they are not there please get the data in asap.

See https://www.fungaldiversity.org/freshwaterfungi/studentprofiles.html


We are developing methodology techniques (now written by Wang Jing) so that we all work in the same way. Please can you check it out and make suggestions. Your own input is appreciated.

See https://www.fungaldiversity.org/freshwaterfungi/methodology.html


We will further develop the webpage to include power point slide shows, preparing herbarium specimens, examining specimens, single spore isolation, species descriptions, research projects, staff profiles, useful links. But we need all of your help with this so please contact Marivic, Jing or Dr Hyde with your ideas, materials and additions.

Editor: Kevin D Hyde